Time goes by way too fast... 14 Months

Hola Familia!!
It was a good/crazy week this week! We had transfers and those always make for a hectic week. It was a good week though. It went by really fast but we tried to make the most of it!
Okay that is so cool about Welsh and Millhiem! (Still feel weird calling them Peter and Josh) Super cool though, I'm glad you guys were able to meet them. Probably my 2 biggest examples I have had on my mission. They are good friends!
Like I said, we had transfers this week and we were literally in the bus station for 12 hours straight! it was a very long day.. But I was able to see a few missionaries from the MTC and stuff so that part was really cool!
We met a way awesome couple this week named F. and F. They are really cool, very catholic but they had some interest in what we were teaching and they really liked talking with us. We have a lot of hope that they are prepared to receive the gospel. We decided that F. is a future bishop, he just doesn't know it yet ;)
We also met a lady named M., we taught her in her front door and it was literally pouring rain! we had our umbrellas and it was kinda crazy but I think she really felt the spirit as we talked about Joseph Smith. We are going to go back this week!
So M. has been going through a rough time. Her husband(they are separated) wanted a divorce and she did not have the money to pay for it and was super stressed out. We went to talk with her and D. and R. took us in their car, she invited them to come in too and it turns out that D´s brother in law is a lawyer and so they called him over and it was just kinda crazy. She is doing better now and seems a lot less stressed. We are going to be visiting her a lot this week to try to help her have more of the spirit.
Crazy story of the week: On Saturday we got home and we were just kinda hanging out and all of the sudden we hear yelling from outside. I ran up on the roof as fast as I could to see what was going on and 2 of our neighbors were fighting and yelling at each other. Then I realized that they both had big kitchen knifes in their hands and they were like sword fighting and yelling swear words at each other. Then the wife of one guy takes the knife out of her husband´s hand and then the other guy somehow lost his knife too(it all happened really fast I didn't get all of the details haha) and then the next thing I know, they are punching and kicking each other and then one guy jumps on top of the other one and starts punching him in the face. At this point the entire block is outside and then like 5 guys ran in and broke it up. It was nuts!!
Last night we were invited to the General Stake Priesthood meeting. Little did we know, we had to talk!! haha we got there and the stake pres told us ¨I asked your president to send me 2 missionaries who are not scared or shy to tell people how it is. This stake needs to hear some very specific things and I know what you tell them is going to help a lot¨ so I got up there and kinda put on my loving mean face and told them that it is completely their responsibility to help the less actives come back. It went really well and we got a few compliments as well.
Well we are doing great and looking for the prepared people to teach and baptize. Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! I love you guys!
Elder Sisk