Feliz Cumpleaños Coley!!

Hola Familia
I really cant believe how fast this week went by.. its going too fast for my liking for sure! haha But we are working hard and had a few good/funny things happen this week.
So we went bowling again on Monday, I'm getting pretty good ;) haha i had an average of 128 and we played 4 games! I decided I'm gonna get good at bowling before the end of my life!
This week we have been searching like crazy to find new people to teach. Not just anyone, the people who are ready to listen to our message and change their life. We have found a few great people this week! G., J., S., and D. They were all contacts that we were able to either teach or share part of our message with a time and day to return. We have a lot of faith in those 4 that they will be able to progress in the gospel. On the other hand, we contacted a house this week and the guy answered it with a gun in his hand but as soon as he saw us he put it behind the wall trying not to scare us hahah. We chatted with him and half way through he showed it to us and told us ¨you never know who is knocking on your door these days¨ haha. He was a cop so its okay.
Today we went to the flea market. They have a few here in Rosario. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but i was able to buy a couple of things for Coley for her BIRTHDAY!!!!! So it was fun!
Do you guys remember R. that is friends with M? well she had a little fall this week and broke her hip so on Friday night D. and R. took us to the hospital to give her a blessing. This is gonna be a little speed bump in her progress in the church but I hope she will be okay. She is 77 years old so its gonna be a rough recovery..

Saturday was really fun! We were able to go and help D. and R. work on their house! They are building a house and we helped them make cement and put up one of the walls. It is interesting how they build houses here, all bricks and cement. But I'm learning a little bit about it all as I go haha.
Well it was a great week, we are working hard and i cant fully explain with words how fast time is flying!!! But I'm loving it! Have a great week!!  Love you all
Elder Sisk
1. How is everyone doing with the BOM challenge??
2. Mom, can you go to that Argentine Market in Orem and see if they sell Malta, and Alfajores? :)
4. Did you guys do Day light savings again?
Mom, We get to watch conference all day on Sunday, and on Saturday if we have an investigator. Its gonna be a real test of faith for the members and investigators because the 2 big soccer teams from Rosario play against each other on the 6th at 3:30 in the afternoon perfectly between sessions haha oh and im going to do all i can to watch it in english! haha
Dad, sorry i think i gave a much bigger reaction to those pictures in real life because I told everyone and showed my comp the pics and stuff! haha

My bowling team! Elder Guevara, Ricardo, and I
Packing in the car to go home after bowling
Caught a tiny lizard and he hung out on my tie as we walked around for like an hour! 
Literally like an inch long.

Working on the house!