Another Transfer ending - August 19, 2014

Hola mis queridos! 

Well yesterday was a Holiday here in Argentina (I don't know what the holiday was all I know is that we were not able to get on the computer because EVERYTHING was closed) But we had a ton of fun yesterday. We played a pickup basketball game with these kids who were just shooting around at the church. They were better than I expected, but I promised Elder R before playing that we would win. We did but it was a struggle. For the first half or so I felt like I was running in mud. Sooooooooooooo Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... I gotta get out running in the mornings. and just a heads up, next week I will be emailing on Tuesday again because its transfer week.

Well Mom It sounds like you had a great weekend for the big 90th birthday! ;) and with that I want to give dad a big birthday shoutout for tomorrow! I hope you enjoy it, but not too much, your not getting any younger ya know :P

So my companion showed me a really cool poem this week. It is too long to type but it is called "This year I´m giving Christ my son". It is great, and I wanted to thank you guys for giving Christ your son for these two years. I know that He is with us daily and will bless us all immensely for this sacrifice. I also wanted to remind you of the Book of Mormon challenge. You have 4 and half months left and I don't want you to pull a Brian Reagan "I only had 9 months to work on it and I did nothing. I have a cardboard box, a boxen" So get to work. Don't be the ONE who didn't finish, I promise that I am going to finish.

This week we have been on the grind to find new people to teach. We found that our investigator pool is pretty shallow. We have been contacting doors and stuff to help us find more people. We have still been working with M and N a lot, but other than them we are running pretty low.

This week in church we had a great showing!! I have never felt so happy to see 62 people in church! haha it was soo great. we had multiple less active families there. I was told 30 min before sacrament meeting that I was going to need to give a talk. I have never felt better giving a talk. I was told to speak on Faith in Jesus Christ. I wrote the talk during the Gospel Principles class in my planner. As I got up to talk, no one was listening, kids were screaming and running around and I said a little prayer in my heart and by the end there was utter silence and everyone was listening. I feel like I spoke very clearly but also firmly. I have found that beating around the bush does not usually get the job done. People in general need to hear it how it is. I shared Alma 32:21, Mosiah 3:12, and the story of Lehi taking his family to the wilderness. I left them with 2 invitations that I think really helped them think about what the Lord wants them to be doing. 
1. Repent of all the things they know they are doing wrong. and Change.
2. Don't miss out on the happiness of the Gospel because the Lord and his church are going to continue forward but its up to us if we are going with him or not. 
I truly felt like I was acting as a mouthpiece for the Lord, I didn't feel like it was me up there speaking. I felt like the Savior was pleased with my talk. 

On Saturday we had a big stake activity. We did a Plan of Salvation thing and it went really well. I think its kinda complicated to explain but many had their testimonies strengthened by it. One lady who ended up in the Terrestrial Kingdom talked about how she had done the good things of the options she had but she just didn't do enough to make it to the Celestial kingdom. She was too focused on a few things that blocked her view from the other things. Pretty cool.

So I learned something really cool this week in my study in the BOM. I was reading in 3 Nephi 12 and it talks about the Salt of the Earth. I had always heard that saying but I really didn't understand what it meant. I learned that salt never loses its flavor unless it is polluted or mixed. It is the same with our lives/priesthood/families if we allow the world to pollute and mix us then our savor wont last long and we wont be of use to the Lord. He needs and wants pure salt. I would love to hear what you guys are learning in your personal study. (this will also keep you accountable for your reading DAILY!!!!) haha

I love you guys all so much, i hope that you are all happy above all and that you are staying busy with the right things!! Have a great week!!!

Elder Sisk