Elder A and I! - July 21, 2014

President and Sister Zanni

Hola Familia!

What a crazy week to say the less, I will give you a warning that I don't have a TON to say this week just because it went by fast and we had a few crazy curve balls. haha 

So my new companions name is Elder A. He is from Reno Nevada and he is 21 years old. He is really cool and we get along pretty well so far. We had a pretty weird week last week so we are excited to get back into it this week. He has 4 brothers and he is in the middle of the 5. His dad owns a driving range in Reno but doesn't actually golf haha. 

So I had to travel through the night on Tuesday to go to Rosario to pick my companion up. We ended up getting home on Wednesday really late like 11 pm. Well that is when we learned that Elder P had arrived safely in his new area in Santa Fe..... with our keys!!!! hahaha we didn't get the keys back until Friday morning at like 8:30 so that was kinda interesting. We were staying at the Zone Leaders apartment but I didn't exactly have a change of clothes for a couple of days.. :P But from Tuesday to Wednesday i went 48 hours with 1 hour of sleep because of the dang buses, oh how I would love to be able to sleep anywhere haha.

On Saturday we were asked to go help clean the church in the morning which turned into this big project and a lot of time so we lost the whole morning to that and then the Zone Leaders got locked out of their apartment so we had to go and let them in with the key that we have. Its safe to say we had a lot of random things to do this week that kinda ate up a lot of our time. But we are going to work a ton this week!!

I really hate goodbyes, I hate even watching a companion have to say bye to people, Elder P only chose 4 families to visit which was really good but it was hard for him. There is always something special about a missionary´s first area and having to leave is hard. 

I have been thinking a lot this week about how I need to take advantage of these last 6 months that I have in the mission and how I can kick it up a notch to be able to truly bless my life and the lives of those who are here. I love the mission and I am grateful to be here! Have a great week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Sisk

Elder A, President and Sister Zanni