Another week in Concordia! - September 1, 2014

Hola Familia!

Well another week bites the dust. Time is really starting to go by fast. They days just seem to blur together most of the time.. We had a good week, we need to continue looking for more people to teach and all but it has been going well. Elder A and I still get along really well which just makes everything seem better. I have been really blessed with the companions I have had on my mission. I can't complain! 

This week Elder Dylan Slavens got to the mission! I was able to talk with him on the phone his first day while he was at the mission home. He is serving in Santa Fe, but I will get to see him this week because Elder Zeballos from the 1st quorum of the 70 is coming to visit our mission. It will be really cool. We are traveling a day early because Elder A and another missionary are going to play a song on the cello and piano and they need to practice together. It will be fun because I have never really spent any time in Santa Fe! 

Investigator update:
P & A: We had taught P last week and she is awesome! We met her daughter named A this week. They are super nice and seem to be quite interested in the gospel. I know that they could both help our branch a lot and I think A would be a future missionary for sure if they get baptized. We are going to go today to visit them! 
R, L & C: CAME TO CHURCH!!! I was so happy to see them walk in. That was the first time that R has come in 23 years and her sons seemed to like it. It was for sure different for them but we are going to them tonight as well so we are going to explain all of the things they didn't understand and stuff. I tried to introduce R to some of the members and stuff. I have a lot of faith and hope in that family! It was awesome because we also had 69 people in church! The only thing was that with a bunch of people and kids, it gets kinda loud..
M & N: We found them by luck yesterday just walking by on the way to another house. They are great but i am starting to doubt how much interest they actually have in the church. This week we hope to be able to visit with them to have a do or die lesson. I really love those guys but they just have not shown signs of progression. I will keep you updated.

I had an amazing experience yesterday. There is this guy named D here in our branch. He was actually excommunicated from the church 12 years ago and yesterday we were able to attend his baptism and stand in for his confirmation. He is an incredible guy and they help us out a ton. They give us lunch at least once a week and he and I have grown really close in my time here. He and I have big plans for after the mission ;) He was just glowing with happiness all day! I am really proud of him, it was long and hard but he made it!

Well that is about it for this week, we are doing well, healthy, working, and loving it! Keep praying for these people, they are amazing and Heavenly Father loves them, so do I! I love you guys, keep it up on the BOM! I am in Mormon, you guys better finish!! haha have a great week!

Elder Sisk