I will be staying here in Concordia with Elder A! - August 26, 2014

Hola mi familia y amigitos!

Well like I said above, I will be staying here in Rama Universidad with Elder A for at least 6 more weeks. I only have 3 transfers left so I will likely be transferred after this one to spend 2 in my last area. Elder T my MTC comp will now be in the same branch as me and will be my District Leader. Kinda funny, i have not really seen him much since North Carolina.

This week has been full of finding people, dropped appointments, people not wanting to listen more. Kinda crazy but I will give an update on each:
M & N: They are doing well, they love us but they are struggling to come to our church because they are active in their own church. We had a very intense lesson with them on Saturday but who knows. They also told us last night they wont be able to meet with us this whole week....
N & M: They didn't come to church this week... they have to come 4 times in a row for N to be able to baptize his wife... We will continue to work with them for sure.
P: Is a lady that I had met when I was still with Elder P. We were able to find her and teach her the lesson on the Restoration. She loved it, we are going to try to go back tonight. We both left the lesson just pumped! we are teaching with more unity as time goes on and as my comp is learning Spanish.
G: She is a member of the baptist church. But she received us and we were able to teach her this week. She enjoyed the lesson and I think we are gonna go back tomorrow.

So big announcement....... I think I might like running now.... [gasp] I know how crazy this sounds but I think I would like to start running a lot more after the mission and try to run more 5 and 10ks. I would really like to get to the point of running a 5k in under 20 min. Another random thing, i found a pair of shoes this week (dress shoes) now i will EASILY make it to the end of my mission with my shoes. My Eccos will be in great shape still to use at home in fact.

This week I was reading in 3 Nephi 19 and I love the example that the Lord is in this chapter in prayer. He prays with such humility and is always focused on others in his prayer. I also like how he prays out loud and always kneels. That is something we could ALL work on. I like praying out loud a lot. I invite you all to have a Joseph Smith moment this week. Find a quiet place, be alone, kneel, and pray out loud. i would love to hear your experiences for next week! I have found a love for prayer that is for sure!

Well I feel like this wasn't the most eventful week but I am happy and ready to work hard this transfer. Elder Arnold and I get along great and we are having fun! I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Sisk