Where does the time go?? - September 15, 2014

Hola mi familita!

Well we had a pretty good week. The bummer is that it rained on Sunday so that was kinda a damper on everything. Usually when it rains on Sunday no one goes to church because very few have cars. We still made it to 27 but that was a lot lower than last week´s 61. But we are getting geared up to get back in the 60´s this week.

R, C, and L: were not able to make it to church because of the rain. But they seem to be doing really well! On Friday we went and had breakfast with them! They live like 1/2 a block from our apartment so it was fun, I made pancakes and maple syrup and the loved it! R asked us what the boys need for the baptism so it is sounding like a pretty sure thing! It was going to be the 27th but now its gonna be the 26th I think because the general women's meeting is on the 27th. They are great. I am so grateful to have met this family. R sent us a text this morning and said "good morning Elders, I hope you have a great day, if you need anything just call me." She is the best!!

P and A: We have still not been able to teach them. It has been way too long. We set up an appointment to go tomorrow. We are going to have to rekindle the flame because its been like 2 weeks. I know that they both would help the church a ton if they were to come.

S Family: Last night we had a miracle! We were doing some studies and we got a call from a number who we had saved in the phone but not a person that I knew. (Sis. S) she said to me "Hi Elders, I'm just calling because we have a 9 year old son who wants to be baptized" I just about fell over. That does NOT happen! haha we went over to their house right away. We found out that they are members who have been less active on and off for like 4 years. They were baptized 12 years ago and they were sealed in the temple a year later. We are going to help them come back to church and I would guess that their son, A, will be baptized in about a month. 

This week my companion had to go back to Rosario to finish his visa paperwork. This time i didn't go with him. I spent the morning with Elder Reid and Elder Topham (did I tell you guys he is my ZL now?) and then I spent the afternoon with Elder Thorn and Elder Sanchez. In the afternoon we had a lesson with an inactive family who HAS TO come back to church. They are great and the husband used to be the branch pres here. We had a really good chat with them, I love people that I can joke around with and also be really direct. That is how the Sister was. We got along really well and she said she is going to give us lunch sometime! 

We had a long day on Friday... we went out in the after noon and NO ONE was home! haha we walked for 3 hours straight. When we got back I counted the blocks of how far we had walked and it was something like 125 blocks. haha we made pretty good timing for stopping and talking with people on the way. We were tired though... the joys of having a big area.

On Saturday we went to visit the D family. Their daughter is a member but we have been talking a bit with her mom. Well the mom´s brother (branch pres of another branch) was there with his family and we had a good talk with them. Then he invited us to go eat lunch with them on Sunday. So we went with Elder Reid and Elder Topham to eat pizza on Sunday after church. It was really fun. They are a great family. (Photo coming)

This week i got Grandma Martin´s package! I feel so bad that she had already sent 2 others that never got to me. :( but she sent me this cool Camelback Tie! (photo coming) Tell her thanks so much, I loved it!

Well that is about all for this week! I am doing really well. Can you believe that tomorrow marks 20 months in the mission?? I love you guys so much, keep it up with the BOM challenge!!

Elder Sisk

Sorry I meant to include this in the first email. I saw this Mormon Message. I really like it because I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Maybe not always how we expect him to though. He is there.