First week in Concordia, area: Universidad - June 9, 2014

Hola Familia!!

I will start with your questions!
*Tell us about your new companion: My new comp is Elder Paniagua (bread and water) He is really cool. He was born in Mexico but lived most of his life in California and most recently Las Vegas. He speaks both languages so that is super nice. I am training him from the beginning because his last comp got sick and they only worked for 2 weeks. We are excited and we get along well. He likes sports and comes from a big family of like 8 I think.

*How was your travel day to Concordia?  Is it all by bus?  Was it eventful? It was a long day of travel. I had to to the the mission home with the other trainers and then we left from Rosario at 4:30 and we got to Concordia at 10:30. Luckily I traveled with Elder Sanchez who is now serving in the same branch as me. We have 4 Elders in the same branch. That is really cool.

*What is Concordia like?  How does it compare in size to Rosario and Nogoya? Way smaller than Rosario and waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than Nogoya. There are like 1.5 Million people in Rosario and there are 170k here.

*How big is the ward there and how was your first week at church in the new ward?It was really good. We have a really young branch pres and he is excited to work. We did divisions with the members on Saturday to be able to visit a bunch of less actives. There were 46 people in church so there is tons of room for growth.

*What is your new apartment like and how does it compare to your others? I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! you will see the pictures but my apartment is one of the top 2 nicest ones I have seen in my mission. Its new, we have hot water, its clean, we have a heater, its clean, its small. Basically perfect :)

*Are you freezing yet? Its getting kinda cold. We played soccer at the church today at 6am and it was really cold but now we are all in short sleeve shirts and stuff. Its cooling down for sure.
Now my letter for the week!

It is safe to say it was really hard to say bye to everyone in Azcuenaga. It was a tearful goodbye but it went well. We did a little activity thing in the church on Tuesday night to say bye and like 25 people came. It was fun to be able to spend one last night with them and stuff. They all made me promise to come back asap! D and R came over that night at that was by far the hardest part... We all 3 were crying but its okay because I know its not a goodbye with them. Its just a see ya later! haha I'm really grateful for how much time I had there in Azcuenaga, its a great ward.

So I already talked a bit about my companion. He is great. We don't have much as far as people to teach and stuff but we have been trying to learn our area fast. My comp only worked in our area for 2 weeks so neither of us really know where we are going. We have a map, but we did get lost once. hahah its all part of the adventure though!

This is a really fun zone it sounds like. We all live here close to each other (other than the missionaries who are outside of Concordia) and we will be getting together every Pday. I am with Elder W again so that was really fun and my zone leader is named Elder R, he went to Maple Mountain so we have a lot of fun stories and friends in common.

This week I reached Alma 32 in my personal reading. I wanted to give everyone the homework to read this chapter this week. its really good, it talks a lot about faith and how we need to be faithful and worship on more than just Sunday. We cant afford to be lazy throughout the week and only go to church on Sunday. There are way too many things to be done. I have learned that hard work really pays off. Its the only way to get things done.

I love you guys, we are happy and working. Sometimes you gotta start from the ground and work on up. We will work hard this week and I will have some great stories for next week! My camera broke... :( so I may not have pictures to send next week... Love you guys!!!

♥Elder Sisk

Pictures of my going away party:

Pictures of my new pench:

A dog that looks like Max when he was a puppy :)
My new companion