Getting Transfered! - June 3, 2014

Hola Familia!

So I found out this week that I will be getting transferred to a city called Concordia. I will be training a missionary who has actually been here in Argentina for 6 weeks but his other companion was sick and they spent most of the time not working and stuff so I will be training him His name is Elder P. and they told me he is from Las Vegas but was born in Mexico. I will get to meet him tomorrow but I'm really excited. I will be going as far away from Rosario as possible (7hours in the bus). The truth is when they first told me I was not very happy to be going to that zone and city but I have decided I will just trust in the Lord and trust that He needs me there for a reason. It will be great. I wont even be District Leader, idk what I will do with all the time! haha
It was kinda nice knowing that I was going to get transferred because I was able to share my testimony on Sunday and say bye to people throughout the week. It will be hard to leave this ward, I have gotten really close with a lot of people here but its just another part of the mission. The hardest part.
This week we found a lady named M, we were both amazed!! She is going though a really hard time, single mother without a job. We were able to talk a little about how the gospel blesses the family and how we showed up just in time to help her. As we were leaving she had some pictures taped to her front door on the inside. She pointed and told us how her mom and 2 brothers had died. Then she looks at us and says (you are not going to believe me) "All I always wanted was an ETERNAL FAMILY" right after that i just looked at her in the eyes and said "you will have an eternal family, can we come back tomorrow?" haha (it gets better!) then she told us how one of her brothers was handicapped and how he spent his whole life in a wheelchair. She said a month after his death, she had a dream that he was "Dressed in white, happy, and walking around without his wheelchair!" we were so happy but we have not been able to find her since. I think Elder C. will baptize her with his new companion!
On Friday we had my last Zone Meeting as a Zone Leader. I gave my training about sacrifice and how important it is to be able to have a testimony and have success in missionary work. I was so blessed because we didn't have much time to prepare and I was able to have my mind very clear to be able to receive the revelation for our zone. I didn't end up using any of the stuff that was prepared and it went super well. The spirit just has this way of making everything better!
It was a great week I'm sorry i don't have that much to say, I have my mind going like crazy like always when I get transferred! But I love you guys and I'm super happy that everyone is doing well. It sounds like the family will be a lot bigger when I get home, that is really exciting! Have a great week!!!
Elder Sisk