Final Four - World Cup! Vamos Argentina! - July 7, 2014

Making donuts

Hola Familia!!

Well it was kinda a weird week to be honest. We have a lot of callbacks (people who we contacted and now we go back by their house to try to teach them) We seriously could not find anyone at home this week. We walked a bunch looking and looking.

So a couple of updates, Pres Zanni is already changing things around. We are now allowed to baptize again!! I'm really excited, I hope to be able to perform another baptism soon. Also we are now allowed to play sports with members and investigators. Up until now we have only been able to play with other missionaries. That will be fun!

Well on Saturday we watched a good amount of the Argentina game because we were eating lunch with some members and they obviously had it on and under no conditions are ever going to turn it off so I felt kinda obligated ;) Im really excited to see if they can keep going it will be a crazy week! They play Wednesday which is also a holiday here.

This week I felt that it has been getting really hard for me to be diligent. I would love to see a little more success and all. I am trying to really take advantage of ALL the time I have each and every day. Sometimes its easy to be slow getting out and then maybe not planning very well to be able to visit a lot of people each week. But we are working on it and we have set some goals. 

This Sunday we were invited to eat lunch with H and F. They are super cool. It will be hard keeping them like investigators and not as much as friends. But they are slowly learning why it is important to keep the commandments and that stuff. We want to help them because they have a little baby on the way and they understand that it is important to set a solid foundation because they have to be examples. We already love those guys though!

Well sorry I don't have that much to say this week. Elder P and I have both had colds this week but we are finally getting over it and all. But we are happy and excited to help this branch grow. We had 44 in church this week and about 600 on our branch list of members so its safe to say there is a lot of work to do! I love you guys, keep working hard to do the little things always! 

Elder Sisk

Cleaning the Church
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