I will be training a new missionary! - July 15, 2014


Hola mi Familia!!

Well the big news of the week is that I will be getting a new companion. A fresh new missionary from the MTC! haha I'm really hoping that he will be an American! But I will go to Rosario tonight traveling through the night and I will find out tomorrow so I will have more info next week :)

So sad that Argentina lost!!! We were allowed to watch the game. We had our jerseys and flags and all but it was not quite enough. We don't have to stay inside but we just gotta be careful because like 5 people have already called me German.... haha But it was really fun, i LOVE the excitement here. Literally the entire country was just pumped! People were blowing so much money just to be able to go to Brazil, most didn't even get in the game.

Well it was a crazy week we had a little of everything. I spent a day with a missionary named Elder L because our companions had to travel to do visa paperwork again... haha but we had a fun day together. He is a good guy, we got to help this family in our branch load up a bunch of furniture because he is a carpenter. But that same family told us this week that they will have to move pretty soon which is sad because they are great and give us lunch every Tuesday ;)

This Thursday we finally got to meet President and Sister Zanni as well as their 6 kids! They are so great, I was lucky enough to have a random interview with Pres, he just picked a few random people. He is truly one of the most converted people I have ever met in my life. I know for a fact he would do anything to attain his eternal life and eternal family. He does not fear man in the slightest. He changed the mission a lot. Now we can baptize, take the phone in the street, play sports with members. He also did a TON of changes in the transfers this week.

We have been working with this couple I don't remember if I talked about them but N and M! M is not a member but N is, he wants to get active so that he can baptize his wife. They didn't make it to church this week but I hope that it was just for the game ;) haha

Yesterday we did a super clean of our apartment! It looks really good. We reorganized a little and we are in the market to buy another closet thing so that we have plenty of 
room :) I was feeling like I was going to finish my mission in this area up until last night when the APs called me haha but I will be here till October at least haha. I decided i  gotta make the apartment nice quick to be able to enjoy it! 

Well I am doing well, I am working harder each day and I know that I will have success with my new companion. I just hope to be able to set an example for him as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love you guys, keep doing what is right!! by the way, tomorrow marks 18 months :) have a good week!!

Elder Sisk

The G Family
Making cookies for the game
On the bus on the way to church


New tie!!