Happy Fathers Day!!!! PS no pics this week... - June 16, 2014

-Do you know how things will go when the new president comes? No they have not told us anything. He gets here the 30th of June so its coming up fast!
-It’s cool that there are 4 missionaries assigned to your ward.  Have you ever had that before?No this is the first time. its because about a year ago they had to put 2 branches together so we each have our own area to work but share on Sunday.
-Do you know how often you will have to travel back and forth to Rosario for meetings and such. Not that much. We have a meeting in Parana this week and we may have to go to Rosario next week. I'm not really sure.
-Argentina won today!!!  What was it like there during and after the game??  Are you guys going to get locked down or anything during any of the games? Last night they didn't say anything about the game. We are not allowed to watch we just had to go home a little early. Everyone was shooting off fireworks and stuff after the goals.

Hola mi familia!

First things first, Dad, Happy Fathers Day. I know that you guys get ripped off on the whole skype call thing but just grit your teeth and I will be home before we know it. Like that kid in your ward said, time will fly by... at least for me ;)

This week I was able to do an exchange with Elder M from Chile. He just finished being a zone leader too so we had a bunch of stories and everything it was really fun. We decided that we are going to start setting a rock solid example for the missionaries in this zone. We are not the leaders but we can still act like it and be a good example and support for the zone leaders. There were some not so obedient missionaries here in this zone before and there are a lot of habits that have been formed that are not things we should be doing. We are going to try to help, we decided that we were sent here for a reason to be an example.

This week it RAINED! haha one night we went out and we got soaked!!! haha it was funny because it was during the first game of the world cup and we were wet and knocking on doors. Its safe to say that not many doors opened. But we found a lady named R. who was awesome. I felt like we made a really good impression and we only talked with her through the window. We are gonna go back this week for sure!! Luckily we didn't get sick or anything when we got wet and cold but I think that's just the blessings for being diligent during the rain to keep looking for people.

This week I was reading Alma 36 and it talks a lot about repentance. That is something I have learned a lot on my mission is the importance of daily repentance. No one is perfect and we literally can not be happy without repenting and using the Atonement of Christ. I invite you all to read it and think about the ways you can be better and repent to move forward. :)

I was looking through the area book here since we don't have anyone to teach just yet and I found the name of a recent convert named F. He has been inactive for like 14 months but we went to visit them and then I invited them to come to church. They were pleasantly surprised when I asked and I was pleasantly surprised when they just said yes. So on Sunday we went to their house early and then well all rode over to the church in his car. It was a testimony building experience for me of how important it is to just feel the spirit. The spirit is what converts someone and it is also what brings someone back. If they ignore the spirit that is their own fault and they will be held personally responsible for that but it is our responsibility to give them those spiritual experiences to help them come unto Christ. 

Well we are doing well and working hard. I have the goal to minimize all wasted time. There is always good that needs to be done. but there is also something better that needs to be done. I love you all!! Look for the better that needs to be done! Have a great week.

♥Elder Sisk