The big wedding coming up!! - August 8, 2014


Hola Familia!

I hope all goes well this weekend in Grandpa´s wedding. i expect a bunch of photos and the deets! This week was really good, we were able to bring our lesson number up. We have people to teach right now but we need to do better at contacting now. Ever since the mission pres stopped counting them it has been hard for me to continue doing it because we could use the time to visit someone, but both are important.

We have started to play FOOTBALL on pdays. not Futbol, football! haha my comp has a football and we have played that the last 2 weeks for pday. I will most likely have a pretty sore shoulder tomorrow because its safe to say I don't go around throwing many things. haha

This week we found an awesome couple! They are friends and were a referral from the branch pres. M and N. They go to the evangelical church but they are very receptive. We taught them about the Book of Mormon with the branch pres and his wife and it went really well. Then we taught the restoration to them last night and they really enjoyed it. We focused on the authority and the apostasy because we need to "guide them" to understand that their church isn't exactly true... hahah but I feel confident that they will do what they need to, to receive an answer. I'm excited for them!!

We finally (after 2 months here) got a list of all the members in the branch. So this week I have been going through and color coating our list to match up with our map. We have the map split up in sections so that we can try to get more visits in. We found this family, the L Family. They are great, we only were able to visit them once this week but the dad and his daughter showed up to church. He is young and is a Priesthood holder as well so that makes them a very important family because our branch needs more active priesthood holders if they ever want to divide or move up to a ward. We are going to keep working with that family a lot!

We have still been trying to visit S and N, they are really hard to find. They had a really busy weekend and we were not able to visit them to be able to go to church with us... but we will see if we can track them down this week. They are really nice!

We had an asado this last Saturday with a family of less actives, but then we made one today with the other missionaries and it was way better :) It was a little bit of a hassle but we had a lot of fun cooking and playing soccer and football. I really enjoy the pdays here in Concordia because we are able to meet up with a bunch of other missionaries. I have been able to get a lot closer with a few.

Well that's about it for the week, we are working hard and trying to help this branch see real growth. Reactivation as well as finding new people. We have been struggling to get people to come to church but we are going to be more focused on that this week. I love you all, I hope you all have great weeks and the wedding goes well!!!

Elder Sisk