Getting cold in Rosario! - May 26, 2014

Hola familia!

We had a good week this week! We are still working hard to find new people to teach and stuff, that is kinda hard but we have met some good people this week! We have a lot of callbacks which are people that we contacted and we felt like if we go back they may be interested so we are gonna visit a lot of callbacks this week!

This week we did an exchange with the assistants! It was really fun, I got to go work in their area with Elder H. He has only been AP for a month now and we had a lot of good talks! I remember the first day he got to the mission, I had already been here for 3 months and he had a slightly hard companion so he had a ton of questions for me because we were in the same zone. That made us become friends and we get a long really well. Elder E. came back to visit Azcuenaga with Elder C. While I was with Elder H, we found a guy named G. and he is a stud! It was raining kinda hard and we were knocking doors, he let us in and we taught him a lesson. I have not heard if they went back yet or not but I will find out this week how G. is doing!

Something to send me: i want a Spanish book, a book that is really hard so that I can study Spanish. I have found that the books they gave me on the mission don't really help me and I want to be able to keep studying. Maybe you could talk to Zach about this because he would know what would be challenging and not. Thanks :)

This week in our FHE, we watched a video called The Bridge. I would recommend it completely! It talks about a man who works as the operator of a bridge where a train crosses. I wont ruin it but it is incredible. It had a very big impact on me and how I look at the Atonement.

This week we also had our interviews with president Giuliani. We were able to talk a lot about the zone and a lot about me as well. He is such a great example to me, he shared the last few verses of the Book of Mormon with me and talked a lot about the Savior. My relationship and understanding of the Savior has grown so much in my mission. That alone helps us to be able to overcome temptation and always do our best. A scripture that I have been thinking about a lot lately is D&C 107:99-100

 99 Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence.
 100 He that is slothful shall not be counted worthy to stand, and he that learns not his duty and shows himself not approved shall not be counted worthy to stand. Even so. Amen.
This is something huge, when we understand our callings and assignments we can fully be obedient and diligent in the Lord´s work. He is waiting to bless us and help us but he literally cant if we don't do what we are supposed to do. I challenge each of you to look for the things that the Savior is waiting for from you and how you can "act in all diligence". I love you guys and I hope you have another great week, it sounds like everyone is busy which makes me happy!! Be happy and smile! :)

Elder Sisk