Fastest week of my Mission! - August 11, 2014

Hola Familia!
What a crazy week though!! haha we had to travel to Rosario this week because my companion had to do some of his visa paperwork. We lost 2 full days of work because of that.. But we have still been trying to work harder each day! This week we have started doing something new that we love! We have been teaching lessons in the street and in peoples front doorways. This has been super productive because I just start teaching about the restoration before they can deny us and it gives the spirit more time to testify to them! We were able to teach 4 lessons in 1 hour. This is what Pres. Zanni wants us to be doing.
First off, mom I want to wish you a happy birthday this Sunday!! Enjoy it! You are turning like 88 this year right? ;)
Like I said, we went to Rosario this week. i called D and R and they came and picked us up and we showed Elder A the city a little bit. It was sooo sick, we went to the Monument at night and it was all lit up with blue lights. I will send pictures! :)
We have still been teaching M and N! They are doing great, we are trying to help them receive their answer soon because they are a little bashful of going to a church that is different than the one they go to. We just need to help them come once and then I know they will love it! They  have been reading a little of the BOM and liking it. We were able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation this week and I loved testifying that they can have an eternal family. N had a brother who died who was not exactly doing the best things with his life and we were able to tell her about the Spirit World and how he will still have a chance to accept the Gospel and the Savior. She really seemed to feel the spirit in that lesson. I love those two!
We were not really able to find a lot of our investigators this week because of all the time we lost with the trip and we also had District Conf. (Stake Conf.) this weekend. We are excited to get to work for the whole week this week!
Like I said, we had District Conf this weekend. Pte. Zanni had to come up to Concordia to speak and preside over the conference so we had interviews with him while he was here. He is incredible!! I love that guy so much. He is absolutely not afraid to tell you how it is. haha he spoke in the conference and it was so great. He talked about how much Satan hates the family, and how he spends all day long trying to destroy the family. Eternal families are his main point, he always says "I have my wife for all of eternity, so as long as I follow the spirit I don't really care what happens. If they hold a gun to my head and tell me to do anything that is against the teachings of the Lord. They will have to kill me because no one and nothing will cause me to lose my salvation or my eternal companion." In our interview he put himself in the role of the Lord and made me make a promise with the Lord. The Lord and I decided that if I work hard He will give me 4 people per month for the rest of my mission to baptize. We will be turning it up, I want to find those 16 people!
I got the package this week! It was perfect, thanks so much mom for putting it together for me. I have already put it all to use! :)
Well I love all of you guys so much. I am trying to stay focused on why I am here and looking for ways to be better. I am not even close to perfect but I feel happy. I am trying to be positive, I received all of the Ruckus Crew letters in dearelder this week and they all really give me a lot of motivation to be happy, positive and work harder.
Elder Sisk